What are you doing at the present time to increase your income?


Need extra cash weekly?

Do you have 4 friends that have 4 friends?

Well this is your chance to be your own BOSS.

Turn a one time purchase of less than $20 into earning $10k ,$30k or even $100k weekly in the next 3 to 6 months start making money like a BOSS. Check out this video: http://youtu.be/UHF5Rv2-MYs


                   ∆ JOIN THE TEAM ∆

How much money are you planning to be worth at age 65?
                 WE ARE GROWING ARE YOU?


I personally made over 6 figures in 9 months using that system and I have helped over 50 members go full time already.
That is called LIFE changing…
If you can help people out of their financial rut, you will feel much better about joining the company.
I have reviewed hundreds of companies… and by far this is one of the best click around.

Do you know an easier, faster and more affordable way to earn over $500,000+ in 6-12 months?

Having to only sign up 4 persons?

NOTE: In order to be earning that $500,000+ you’ll need to have over 5000 “affiliates” (That’s persons below you in your matrix). Ok!!!


This is how you can make $500,000+ in 6-12 months by just helping your team level up.
Step 1. Join Four Corners Alliance Group for only a one-time payment of $18USD/$2100JMD.
Step 2. Invite 4 friends
Step 3. Help them refer 4 people
Step 4. They duplicate process 6 times
Step 5. You Earn $559,824

MONTH 1: You invite 4 people you earn $16 on level 1. Your work is done.

MONTH 2: Those 4 invite 4 people= 16 people, you earn $64 on level 2.

MONTH 3: Those 16 sign-up 4 people=64  people, you earn $640 on level 3.

MONTH 4: Those 64 sign-up 4 people= 256 people, you earn $6,144 on level 4.

MONTH 5: Those 256 sign up 4 people= 1,024 people, you earn $61,440 on level 5

MONTH 6: Those 1,024 sign up 4 people= 4,096 people,you earn $491,200 on level 6.

A total of $559,824.

And all you did was pay $18USD /$2100JMD and invited only 4 people in your first month and helped them get 4  and you are done.

You also earn monthly residual income of up to 76k per month, plus 100% matching commissions from everybody you directly refer. As your 4 sign-ups earn $559,824, you get 100% matching commissions, meaning you earn 4x559k= over 2.2 mill.


Create wealth for your family, never have to work again, get the whole family involved. this is an amazing opportunity. And it’s so simple. Sign up 4 people and your work is done. How easy is that. Click here to get started NOW! https://www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com/?a=lampop45


The products that 4 corners sell is a set of Financial Education Literacy which is downloadable in your back office. This is an automated system, it will sell the products for you once you invite 4 people. All you have to do is recruit an sit back and relax.

Why is 4 Corners Alliance Group so successful? Simply because everyone can afford $18USD and everybody knows 4 people and it’s simple with no work to do after signing up only 4 people and making sure you help them get 4 of their own. AND CONTINUE THIS PROCESS… To build a successful team.



The thing is, it’s only going to cost you a one-time $18 USD fee to buy your first product. They have a D.P.X. Card that pays you straight, OR  you can also get paid by: Credit Card, MasterCard or Visa Debit Card, “Get paid!!” You’ll get a website were you will do your businesses such has: Sign ups, sales, Withdrawal request, and also in your backoffice you can keep track of your earnings and view your team’s growth using the genealogy. Also great Customer Support from the company and in the backoffice is where corporate post news updates and. Transaction history. So you will need Internet access.

Sign four and help them sign four as well. For each person you sign, you earn $4USD on levels 1 & 2.But has you level up you will earn more income so it pays to help others…


A member earns 100% Matching Commission directly from the person they sign up only. i.e when someone you signed recruits a new member to the team, you both get $4USD.

Leveling up and helping others do so pays. Advancing through the levels allows you to earn more in commissions, increasing your profits. Every time someone in your team levels up, you receive a payment whose value depends on the level reached. The more persons you help level up, the more money you both make. It pays to help others, literally…


Click links below for more info:
I believe you joining the 4 corners for Network Marketing Leaders can be that turning point for you. You can find all the details here: http://www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com/the-business/?a=lampop45

Click here to get started NOW!


And when we bump into each other two, five or even ten years from now, I look forward to hearing from you, this was the turning point for you!

Mobile:  (876)-412-9717
Whatsapp: (876)-412-9717

Or Contact me by email (lampop45@gmail.com)

Road to SUCCESS – “Don’t go where the path may lead’s, But instead go where there’s no path and leave a trail.”


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