How much is Enough???

How Much is Enough?


Last week I went through about 20 counseling forms.  (And if you’re not counseling with your key people, and aren’t being counseled yourself – you need to get Duplication Nation and start immediately!)  And in ninety percent of the case I was counseling – the issue was the same…


Ninety percent of the people were not doing activity consummate with what they say their goals are.

Now of course, none of these people are employees, just like you aren’t either.  But my job as coach is to tell people the truth.  So here it is…

If you’re just starting out, holding two or three home presentations in a month isn’t enough.  If you’ve sponsored three or four people – that’s not enough.

You have to sponsor enough people that you end up with at least three or four people that are serious.  And then you need to work with those three or four, helping them drive depth at least ten levels deep.  That meansactivity.


If you want to step up the results you’re getting – you have to step up the activity you’re doing.

And that’s the truth.

I believe you joining the 4Corners for Network Marketing Leaders can be that seminal turning point for you.  You can find all the details here:

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And when we bump into each other two, five or even ten years from now, I look forward to hearing from you, this was the turning point for you!


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